Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

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Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

Hi, I'm Robin. My passion is for solar power. As a child, I used a magnifying glass to focus the power of the sun on a candle, causing the wax to melt. From that very early age, I had an understanding of the immense power of the sun. Although I work as a bank clerk, I subscribe to news sites and blogs which cover solar energy and environmental issues, so I have an excellent knowledge of this sector. I decided to start a blog to pass on knowledge and advice to other people who want to know more about energy and the environment.

Training Points Every Restaurant Manager Should Cover about Grease Trap Cleaning

As the manager of a restaurant, training staff is at the top of your list. One of the areas that needs a great deal of training is the back of house, or the kitchen and dishwashing areas. This is due to the number of appliances and systems that need to be handled in a specific manner in order to avoid costly breakdowns and issues. The grease trap is one of these systems. Read More 

How to recycle wastewater without causing a stink

In the battle against rising costs, many businesses are now looking for ways to recycle their waste water, also known as greywater. Doing so can save a large chunk of your water bill and help your business go green. It's an especially effective method in the hospitality industry, where water usage is high. When most venues lose all used water down the drain, others are taking the water used by for dishwashing, or by guests for showering and putting it to work for them once again in the laundry, toilet or garden. Read More 

Three Air Quality Services Every Construction Project Should Use

When you begin a construction project, there are several aspects of that project that can affect the environment and air quality. Some contractors will have a quality or quantity specialist on staff to help analyze these affects and ways to avoid them while keeping the cost within budget. Though this does help, there is another step that can offer increased benefits to the project, especially where air quality may be concerned. Read More 

2 Major Workplace Fire Prevention Tips

Chances you don't think much about the risk of a fire in your office or other place of employment, but these do often happen and they can be devastating. A fire can easily start in an office kitchen or even a wastebasket, and of course a production area that uses welding or other such equipment increases this risk of a workplace fire. Note a few fire prevention tips you may want to consider for your office and how to implement them no matter the size of your company or your industry. Read More