Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

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Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

Hi, I'm Robin. My passion is for solar power. As a child, I used a magnifying glass to focus the power of the sun on a candle, causing the wax to melt. From that very early age, I had an understanding of the immense power of the sun. Although I work as a bank clerk, I subscribe to news sites and blogs which cover solar energy and environmental issues, so I have an excellent knowledge of this sector. I decided to start a blog to pass on knowledge and advice to other people who want to know more about energy and the environment.

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Power for a Home

Many homeowners today are considering solar panels for their home as a way to reduce the pollution created by electrical power plants and to save money on their power bills. If you're one such homeowner, you may have some questions about solar power itself and about having those panels installed on your home. Note a few of those questions here so you can determine if this is the right choice for you. Read More