Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

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Solar Panels: Why Use Sun Power?

Hi, I'm Robin. My passion is for solar power. As a child, I used a magnifying glass to focus the power of the sun on a candle, causing the wax to melt. From that very early age, I had an understanding of the immense power of the sun. Although I work as a bank clerk, I subscribe to news sites and blogs which cover solar energy and environmental issues, so I have an excellent knowledge of this sector. I decided to start a blog to pass on knowledge and advice to other people who want to know more about energy and the environment.

5 Reasons You Should Go Solar This Year

In the wake of ever-increasing energy costs and outages, many people are turning to solar energy as an alternative to powering their lives. The 1.746 million Australian photovoltaic installations (as of September 2017) are a testament to the increasing need for a cost-efficient and dependable source of energy. Here are compelling reasons for you to consider solar power.

•    It Helps You Save On Energy Costs

Adopting solar power has an attractive cost efficiency that accrues over time. Although initial purchase and installation might be expensive (on a lump sum), you make cost savings. Per unit consumption cost for solar energy is cheaper than using electricity in the long run. Over time you end up paying much less for your power needs in absolute terms.

•    It Adds Property Value

The solar power unit will add to your property's value as well, should selling it be an option down the line. During a down property market, an installed solar energy system could make the difference between a buyer purchasing their next long-term property or not. As awareness on sustainability grows, the added value will only increase as well.

•    It Can Generate Extra Income

In some cases, you can sell back the excess power you generate to a participating utility. In such a situation you not only save on costs but also produce passive income without any further investment.

•    It Contributes to Environmental Protection

Fossil fuels create a greenhouse effect which negatively impacts the environment. Using solar power provides the energy you need to facilitate everyday life functions in a cleaner way using the most readily available natural resource we have, i.e. the sun.   The energy used to produce the panels necessary for a solar power system is paid back between 0.5 to 1.4 years, depending on the particular type. After that payback period, the system will be running as fully renewable. The cumulative effect on the environment is a positive one that helps promote sustainability.

•    Solar Energy Systems Are Long Lasting

All components comprising a solar energy system are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand adverse climatic conditions. Solar panels do not have any moving parts. Taken in totality, this will lead to very minimal interruption to your power system.

Conclusion solar power is increasingly playing a critical role in energy provision. While it is a long-term decision that calls for careful thought, many reasons make adopting solar energy attractive for you and the environment.